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Coventya’s ALUMAL ELOX 557 is part of our outstanding aluminium surface treatment product range. This addictive system is specifically formulated to achieve the highest levels of process performance in anodizing installations by improving productivity and increasing efficiency. 

Welcome to optimized anodizing 

But how does ALUMAL ELOX 557 anodizing additive actually workWell, it basically increases the ordering of the nanopores that are generated during anodic oxidation – which in turn yields higher hardnessincreased gloss with a higher transparency and smoother surface finishAnd ALUMAL ELOX 557 goes way beyond simply positively affecting oxide layer quality: it also maximises the efficiency of the application itself. By harnessing the equalities of both architectural and functional anodizing, ALUMAL ELOX 557 delivers productivity, sustainability, and quality.  


  • energy savings of up to 20% (on reduced cooling costs) 
  • electricity savings of up to 12% (lower voltages) 
  • better colour depth, sharpness and also resistance against fading 
  • sealing additive usage up to 6% less 
  • sulphuric acid usage up to 12% less 
  • improved anodizing layer properties and quality 

Take-home message 

We are confident that our new ALUMINAL ELOX 557 will be your game-changing surface anodizing solution – by delivering higher quality and increased productivity. 

How can we help you?
How can we help you?
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