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COVENTYA Environmental Plating Technologies (Jiangsu) Ltd celebrated the Grand Opening of its new site on November 18, 2018 in the Suzhou SND zone in the Xushuguan Town district. In the presence of an important local government delegation led by Mr. Gao Xdong, vice mayor of Suzhou, the full Executive Team of the COVENTYA group who had made the trip to China for this milestone in the history of the COVENTYA  Group, assisted in the traditional ribbon cutting and the famous Lion dance.

After the first plant, opened in 2007 in the Wuzhong district and the second unit opened in 2012, the most recent installation represents the largest single investment ever made by COVENTYA. Since its conception in 2015 the project made giant steps forward in completing the detailed permit process in narrow cooperation with the local authorities. The ever increasing awareness of the Chinese government for environmental matters required a steady update to fulfil the most stringent demands for emissions and safety in the workplace.

COVENTYA China’s plant features a blending capacity of 20.000 tons per year and a warehouse capacity of more than 3000 tons. Separate buildings were realized to handle and store flammable products, requested for certain innovative next generation technologies in the protective area.

The main building houses all administrative services but is essentially geared towards customer service, including state-of-art pilot line facilities for every major product line. Customers are now able to plate directly on their parts all major process sequences on offer by COVENTYA. Further features include training facilities for customers and R&D labs for the customizing of local products, so that they would meet the needs of this particularly competitive market.

COVENTYA has received the first Chinese patent grant filed by COVENTYA China in 2015. This has allowed us to obtain the High Tech Company status which implies several strong benefits for COVENTYA.

All is now set for a new growth phase in China, based on a landmark site and a strongly motivated team. At a first look the only disturbing element was heavy rain during the Opening Ceremony. However this simply created a fine smile on the faces of the numerous Chinese visitors, since in Chinese minds it simply means good financial luck and cash…

In a few words : a perfect start !


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How can we help you?
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