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CUBRAC 2900 is one of the latest additions to COVENTYA’s portfolio of high performance decorative acid copper plating technologies. It was formulated specifically for decorative applications where bright, ductile, and leveled acid copper deposits are required.

This high performance addition agent system is based on a new low-dye/dye-assisted technology .The process utilizes three make-up and replenishment materials – CUBRAC 2900 Base, CUBRAC 2900 Brightener and CUBRAC 2900 Leveler.

The low-dye based additive technology and the use of a three addition agent system assures applicators can meet the demands of OEM automotive plastic applications as well as metal based applications.

Additional advantages of the CUBRAC 2900 process are excellent low current density performance; enhanced solubility of the additive components providing a pit free deposit with superior elongation properties, and burn free deposits.

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