Cr-free Conversion Coating for Aluminium Pretreatment Before Painting or Powder Coating

Liquid system, single component system, spray or immersion, Approved by Qualicoat, based on blend of polymers and Titanium. The chemistry designed as a surface treatment for pre-paint applications including powder coating, painting application of lacquer and can be used as a no-rinse process after application.  It is not designed to provide bare corrosion performance, but enhances the paint adhesion and under-layer corrosion resistance of the part or component.

Features & Benefits  

  • Eco-Friendly System is free of CMR substances
  • Offers an adhesion base and protection against corrosion prior to powder coating and lacquering
  • Suitable for both spray (or cascade in vertical lines) and dipping applications
  • Qualicoat Approved Process

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