Cr-free Conversion Coating for Aluminium
Pretreatment Before Painting or Powder Coating

Liquid system, spray or immersion, Approved by Qualicoat, based on blend of polymers and bi-metallic system of Zirconium and Titanium. The chemistry is designed as a surface treatment for pre-paint application for improved adhesion and under layer corrosion performance including powder coating, painting or application of lacquer. It can be used effectively as no-rinse process after application.

Features & Benefits  

  • Can be used as no rinse process after application
  • Eco-Friendly System is free of CMR substances
  • Offers an adhesion base and protection against corrosion prior to powder coating and lacquering
  • Suitable for both spray (or cascade in vertical lines) and dipping applications
  • Qualicoat Approved Process
  • Provides some minimal bare ID surface protection for painted tubular work can be the result for some specific applications
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