Chemical Brightening for Aluminium

Liquid, chemical blend of acids for use, mixing with phosphoric acid concentrate, in chemically brightening aluminium and alloys. Provides a semi-bright finish, it is free of nitrates and chromates and does not contain any CMR substance.

Features & Benefits

  • Provides semi bright finish (up to 400 GU after anodizing processing)
  • Removes thin scratches and other imperfections from the surface
  • Provides surface smoothing rough surfaces
  • Free from nitrates, no nitrogen oxide fumes evolution
  • Operates up to 35 g/L of aluminium

Este proceso pertenece aALUMAL BRIGHT SERIES

The primary function of chemical or electropolishing (electrolytic) brightening is to improve aluminium surface smoothness and increase the luminous reflectance of the surface.

These processes also help to remove some substrate defects such as die lines, flow lines and mild scratches in some parts/components/alloys.

ALUMAL BRIGHT systems work by dissolving preferentially micro-protrusions on the metal surfaces without forming etch patterns that are visible. When aluminium is dissolved chemically or anodically, these chemical or electrolytic treatments dissolve the oxidation layer as quickly as it reforms due to the active surface. As a result, after brightening treatments, the process sequence must use a deoxidizer prior to any conversion coating, anodizing process or plating process.


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