Cleaner -etch, phosphoric acid, wide temperature range

Liquid, immersion, phosphoric acid based cleaner-etch provides mild etching while also providing the removal of many soil types. The process also does some deoxidizing of aluminium surfaces. Works at low temperatures on both wrought and cast alloys.
*For low foaming surfactants in high spray application, please chose ALUMAL CLEAN 134

Features & Benefits  

  • Cleans, etches & deoxidises the surface in one process step
  • High emulsifying power removing oils and greases from mechanical treatments
  • If required, works at low temperature (25 – 50°C)
  • Improves the uniformity of any etching following in the sequence
  • Easy to use: one single component and possibility of fully automatic dosing

Este proceso pertenece a ALUMAL CLEAN Series

COVENTYA ALUMAL cleaners and surface preparation technologies are available in both liquid and powder products designed for removal of a range of contaminants from cast and wrought alloys including water soluble lubricants, and other types of oils and buffing or polishing pastes.

They are designed to remove contaminants and soils from machined and non-machined aluminium surfaces and are easily rinsed from part or component surfaces. The product range is designed and specifically formulated chemical blends consisting of salts, surface active wetting agents to provide detergency, and in some formulations, sequestrant (mild chelating) agents which are utilized to help stop formation of scales on tanks and equipment to provide long life and extended performance from the cleaner. Many uses are applied by immersion processing, but also formulations are available for spray processing. ALUMAL Cleaners are available as non-etch, mild-etch, and etch formulations both from acid and alkaline chemistries.  These options offer a wide range of operation on all types of aluminium alloys.


  • The Non-Etch Cleaners were designed for the removal of surface soils before any etching process. This approach will maintain aluminium surface finish integrity so the actual etching process is more efficient and provides uniform surface aspect.
  • The Etch-Cleaners are perfect for cases when installation of a separate non-etch cleaner followed by an etch tank is not possible due to space limitations. Etch cleaners are formulated to carry out both processes depending on the application. Etch cleaning always requires proper surface desmutting to remove alloy smuts that result from etching process.

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