Electrocolouring Process for Anodised Aluminium & Alloys

Liquid system and Colour range is from champagne clear to a dark bronze and deep black.  The system is ready-mix stabilized and balanced solution containing stannous sulphate and a stabilizer component for the replenishment of the electrolyte.  This provides very good colour penetration and colour stability and minimizes the potential problems of smut build up when processing darker colours that can affect seal quality.

The colours obtained with this system are lightfast and do not fade even under the strongest UV climates.
In architectural applications, even after many years, the ability to clean ALUMAL COLOUR 890/891 surfaces is possible without degrading the colour.

Features & Benefits

  • System stability prevents oxidation of divalent tin so long life process
  • Improved throwing power of electro colouring bath for difficult profiles / components
  • Very high colour stability and less re-work
  • For darker colours (dark bronze, bronze) possibility to operate as one component (low stabilizer consumption)
  • Low sludge tendency even by using DC pre-treatment

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