Highly concentrated alkaline etch

Liquid, immersion, highly concentrated alkaline system for controlled etching of aluminium and alloys when only one process step is available. Contains complexing agents to control scales formation on tanks/equipment, also works will with emulsifying no-foam ALUMAL Etch AB 212, which is a blend of surfactants to improve cleaning efficiency of Etch Cleaners or other Etches.

Features & Benefits  

  • Ideal prior to application of chemical conversion coating for parts to be painted.
  • Allows cleaning and etching in one single step – best for short preparation lines.
  • Dipping or spray application
  • Contains complexing agents that maintain aluminium in solution and thus prevents the formation of aluminate deposit on the walls of the tank
  • Specific formulation preventing downstream rinses pipes and tanks from scaling
  • Low consumption of chemistry.

Este proceso pertenece aALUMAL ETCH SERIES

For certain applications and aluminium alloys, the surface etching can enhance the final finish of the part or component by providing a given aspect (matte, satin, etc.)

Etching is also important to help conceal surface defects such as die lines, scratches or in mixed alloy aluminium components, the etching process gives a uniform surface appearance.
Etching can be accomplished with both Acid or Caustic systems.  Each ALUMAL type are blended with special surfactants to minimize fuming, or to provide a foam blanket, and the chemistries contain anti-scaling agents to keep the tank, heating equipment and other process equipment working at optimum for high throughput.  Alkaline type etch systems will dissolve more aluminium and leave behind typically more smut. Acid etch type systems tend to smut less because they dissolve both aluminium and alloy constituents at more of an equal rate. In both cases, ALUMAL Deoxidizing / Desmutting chemistries are designed to provide the proper surface conditions for subsequent processing.


Sometimes Etch systems and Etch cleaners require some modifications to enhance their performance.  The following products are available and when added to ALUMAL Cleaners, ETCH-Cleaners or ETCHES as required, they improve system performance.

ALUMAL ETCH 214 – Liquid, immersion, addition agent for alkaline cleaners and alkaline etching systems to minimize the precipitation of alumina for extending the solution life.  Also used in rack/jig stripping applications.

ALUMAL ETCH AB 212 – Liquid, immersion or spray, addition agent blend of surfactants to improve cleaning efficiency of alkaline etching or alkaline etch clean systems.

ALUMAL ETCH AB 213 – Liquid, immersion or spray, addition agent blend of surfactants and complexing agents to improve cleaning efficiency and stability of alkaline etching systems. For use with caustic soda.

ALUMAL ETCH AB 220 – Liquid, immersion, Surfactant system to provide foam blanket to reduce caustic soda fumes from alkaline etching systems, rack stripping solutions and anodizing solutions.


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