Electrocoloring Process for Grey Shades

Liquid system, complete process, ready mixed stabilized and balanced chemistry contains nickel and provides a range of weather resistant colour from light to dark grey and depending on operating conditions can produce a stainless steel finish colour and lighter bronze.

Features & Benefits  

  • System is easy to control.
  • Provides consistent colour
  • Resulting colour does not fade during production or rinsing.
  • Excellent throwing power, high stability, good reproducibility.

Este proceso pertenece aElectro-Colouring 800 Series

In many markets and for a multitude of applications where aluminium and alloys are utilized including the architectural, automotive, aircraft/aerospace industries, colours of many types of parts and surfaces provide an important visual or aesthetic appeal.

Electro-Colouring 800 Series – Provides a very stable, long lasting colour option to anodized aluminium layers for very demanding applications.  The process is an electrolytic process post anodizing that deposits metals into the pores of the anodize surface.  The resulting colour is dependent on the type and amount of metal deposited.  Nickel based chemistries produce stainless steel shades to lighter bronze colours. Tin based systems are designed for darker ranges of colour applications and copper based provide light pink to red colours.  COVENTYA offers several ALUMAL Colour options including the following.

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