Slightly blue conversion coating with clear yellow iridescence

Liquid, acidic, two part system, concentrates contain nickel and cobalt providing high bare corrosion resistance to aluminium and alloys.
Based on COVENTYA knowledge of passivating substrates with Cr+3 technology, the application Improves paint adhesion and corrosion resistance of painted parts.  Also works to provide some protection to Zamac zinc die cast parts.

Features & Benefits  

  • Many OEM/Tier 1 specification approvals
  • A passivation that is Cr+6 free process, colour ranges from blue to clear yellow iridescence
  • Enhances corrosion protection of aluminium substrates and provides improved adhesion of subsequent paint layers.
  • Meets the ELV, RoHS and WEEE Directive requirements
  • Performs well in Neutral Salt Spray Testing
  • Provides low contact resistance
  • Rinses are easy to waste treat due to absence of organic complexing agents
  • Deposits a layer weight of 1.0 mg/dm² to 2.0 mg/dm²(0.3 to 1.0 mg/dm² of Cr ) depending on Aluminium alloys, according to ISO 3892 specification.

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