Group Management Policy of the Coventya Group

Working with our partners on the basis of trust and cooperation


Coventya is an international group of companies specializing in designing, manufacturing and servicing specialty chemicals for Surface Treatment industries. Our Mission is to provide “high performance surface technologies” to our global customer base. This applies alike to our chemistries as well as to our Technical Service. As a renowned partner for many industries, like automobile manufacturers or the major luxury good brands, our focus is on our customers and their satisfaction. Working with all our partners on the basis of trust and cooperation is an essential factor for the success of our company.

Every company is part of a larger universe, playing its role in the community, providing sustainability, safe employments, respecting all applicable laws and protecting the natural resources that provide for our existence. These resources are entitled to future generations. As a result our General Management Policy is designed to establish a framework giving all stakeholders their role.

Our People

Skilled and motivated employees are the most important resource and the basis of economic success. We encourage and require the training of our employees, including providing room for suggesting improvement initiatives and working as a team. We make sure that the resources and information necessary for the success of our company are available to the employees who need them.  Our managers are trained to lead by their example and conduct themselves in a way that aligns with our company’s Vision and Values. All our employees are required to cooperate in the continual improvement of our operations in relation to quality, environmental protection, energy efficiency, information security and Health & Safety as well as complying with and implementing the established Code of Conduct.

Our Customers

We ensure that we fulfil our customers’ requirements and other relevant, binding commitments as well as continuously improving our performance. Being local around the globe assures a timely delivery of our processes and excellent customer support to generate the ultimate in customer satisfaction. Our Quality Management Systems are not simply certified as a formality but force us to strive for making us a better partner for you, our customers. Progress is monitored on a regular basis by tracking clearly defined objectives.

Our Suppliers

No sustainable system can function without a network of trustworthy suppliers. We consider them as essential partners in our value chain. This is not reduced to simple monetary considerations, but includes adhesion to our Corporate Values and a long term vision of our cooperation. The Supplier Code of Conduct reflects our basic philosophy.

Our Environment

Economic growth must conserve resources and support social progress. More than ever before the patterns we see emerge on the globe entice us to develop creative solutions, helping us to achieve maximum performance with a minimum of resources. We measure our impact on the environment and develop processes to reduce it. A consistent Environmental Guideline fulfilling compliance obligations is of paramount importance to all of us today. We work actively to achieve efficient and sustainable use of the resources available to us, for the protection of the environment and for the efficient use of energy in the process.


Good corporate citizenship makes us a desirable employer and helps us to receive the local support we need to pursue our business in a long perspective. We contribute to address local challenges in our communities and a transparent system of Social Governance generates the trust in our institutions and policies. All employees are responsible for implementing this policy. In this way we make our contribution to the effectiveness of our management system and also to a fair, environmentally aware and caring society.



General Management Policy 2020


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How can we help you?
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