Plating and Electroplating in the Aerospace Industry will bring additional properties and strengths to metallic or non-metallic parts i.e. plastic, composite materials.

Electroplating works to provide mechanical, electrical, and aesthetic properties to components. Within the mechanic properties, it improves the resistance to extreme temperature exposure, wear including abrasion, corrosion resistance, and the coefficient of friction or sliding friction (i.e. as in the case of a screw/fastener). The improvement of contact resistance, conductibility or shielding will be achieved within the electrical properties. Aesthetic properties will see an improved brightness, dull, or satin features of the parts.These treatment processes are applied in aqueous environments by using immersion and specific blends of chemistries for providing electrolytic deposits of various types.


The COVENTYA Group has the capabilities to develop its own technology and formulations for servicing these markets.  As a global company, we have invested in Research and Development that provides independence and a greater flexibility toward the development of technologies required for all applications.

A significant part of our efforts are dedicated to Aerospace and Defense Industries for many of our core product lines and we strive to work at helping our customers adapt our technologies to meet local and regional demands.


COVENTYA continues to create a global portfolio of technology and processes that meet or exceed the requirements of the Design and Engineering Departments and markets that we serve.

Our LANTHANE 613.3, a Cobalt and Nickel-free trivalent passivation system designed for replacement of chromate (CrVI) conversion coating technology on aluminum substrates which are prevalent in many markets, offers a good replacement opportunity.  Our ALUMAL surface preparation technology provides environmental compliant cleaners, etches, and deoxidizers needed for the successful application on all types of light metals applications.

In the USA, the COVENTYA Group is a recognized leader of Electroless Nickel with ENOVA EF technology series, providing a range of NiP alloys containing no Lead, Cadmium or other hazardous or regulated species which makes this Technology fully RoHS compliant.  Electroless Nickel composite alloys have also assisted in the pioneering of providing replacement technologies for hard chromium plating.


Our CHROME 450, hard chromium plating process offers significant advantages over conventional and other proprietary hard chromium plating processes. Operating at higher cathode efficiencies provides improved throughput and reduced plating times for the applicator. We are also developing the next generation hard chromium processes based on trivalent chemistry with our DURATRI technology platform.  As the sunset date for Cr(VI) is September 2017, we see the next evolution of hard chromium technology will begin with the DURATRI chemistry.

COVENTYA Research efforts have been able to successfully demonstrate the substitution of Cadmium plating with our PERFORMA Zinc Nickel technology offering gamma zinc nickel deposits with 12 up to 16% Ni providing high corrosion performance properties and offering low hydrogen embrittlement properties especially for critical applications.



Zinc Alloy – PERFORMA 280 Line
Passivation Aluminum – LUMIA & LANTHANE Line
Passivation Zinc and Alloys – FINIDIP & LANTHANE Line
Top Coat – FINIGARD Line


Electroless Nickel – ENOVA Line
ENOVA High Phos Systems – ENOVA H 15 & ENOVA 949/950
ENOVA Mid Phos Systems – ENOVA EF 587 & ENOVA EF 509
ENOVA Low Phos Systems – ENOVA EF 163 &ENOVA EF 243
Special composite Systems – ENOVA KR (hBN) & ENOVA 110 (PTFE)


Copper – CUBRAC 400 & 600 Lines
Copper – DIASTAR 100
Nickel – CRYSTAL
Nickel – ALFA C20
Nickel – CRITERION MC 300
Nickel – CRITERION MP 200
Nickel – CRITERION SB 100
Chrome – TRISTAR Line
Chrome – Chrome 200 Line

Precious Metals

Silver – SILVIUM Line
Platinum – PLATINUM Line
Protective layers – ANTIOX Line

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How can we help you?
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