The Electrical Equipment Industry is growing thanks to the booming of infrastructures linked to the Internet and Telecom. However, other Energy, Building and Consumer Goods Industries are maintaining a high and long-term demand.


Clear blue films are generally preferred to blue passivate thin films. They provide a good level of corrosion protection and electrical conductivity. In accordance to such requirements, LANTHANE and FINIDIP processes, both Cr (III) passivate coatings, are entirely compliant with the latest WEEE European Directives.

LANTHANE and FINIDIP are available in yellow and black and on pure Zinc and Zinc alloys.

ENOVA Electroless Nickel is often used as a base Layer for High Frequency Antennas and Connectors in this market. EN deposits provide an homogenious Layer wich protects the Substrate against corrosion.


The RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) and WEEE (Waste of Electrical and Electronic Equipment) European Directives entered into force on July, 1st, 2006.

The Directives require the elimination of Lead, Mercury, Cadmium, and hexavalent Chromium in all equipment sold in Europe. COVENTYA provides all colours in new trivalent passivations to comply with the RoHS/WEEE Directives.


Pure Zinc – PRIMION 240
Zinc Alloy – PERFORMA 280 Line
Zinc Alloy – PERFORMA 260
Pure Zinc – ZETAPLUS
Pure Zinc – ALCYON
Passivate – LANTHANE Line
Passivate – FINIDIP Line
Top Coat – FINIGARD Line


Electroless Nickel – ENOVA Line
Enova High Phos Systems – ENOVA H 15 & ENOVA 949/950
Enova Mid Phos Systems – ENOVA EF 587 & ENOVA EF 509
ENOVA Low Phos Systems – ENOVA EF 163 &ENOVA EF 243
Special composite Systems – ENOVA KR (hBN) & ENOVA 110 (PTFE)
Gold Plating – PARELEC


Copper – CUBRAC 400 & 600 Lines
Copper – DIASTAR 100
Nickel – CRYSTAL
Nickel – CRITERION SB 100
Nickel – CRITERION MP 200
Nickel – CRITERION MC 300
Nickel – ALFA C20
Chrome – TRISTAR Line
Chrome – Chrome 200 Line
Tin Alloys – CEDIA
Tin Alloys – NISTLA

Plating on plastics

Conventional pre-plating – SILKEN Line
Hexavalent chrome free- SILKEN BOND

Precious Metals

Silver – SILVIUM Line
Palladium – DECOMET Line
Protective Layers – ANTIOX Line
Gold – AURANE Line

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How can we help you?
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