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COVENTYA Germany is proud to announce the first implementation of our MTT (Mobile TRISTAR Tank) at Brautmeier GmbH in Salzkotten. The MTT is a fully equipped 200L modular mobile plating tank designed specifically for COVENTYA’s sulphate-based Chrome (III) process TRISTAR 330 AF. It provides our customers with the opportunity to implement Decorative Trivalent Chrome in their plating shop without disrupting the habitual production routine. Hence, they can process samples for customer approvals utilizing their parts processed on the pre-existing conventional plating line.

Trough MTT trials Robert Brautmeier and Tobias Hesse gained valuable production and process control experience with COVENTYA’s TRISTAR 330 AF process and in the very near future are planning to switch from their Cr(VI) based electrolyte to the TRISTAR 330 AF.

COVENTYA is excited about the partnership with Brautmeier and is looking forward to being part of their strategy to become Cr(VI)-free.
If you are interested in our TRISTAR 330 AF Process technology and our Mobile TRISTAR Tank, please contact our Tech Service: Daniel Glassner,


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How can we help you?
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