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Prior to the plating process, a surface must be cleaned and offer a perfectly pure substrate to receive a metallic finish with a good adhesion. Dirt and oxides must be removed in appropriated conditions.

COVENTYA has many years of experience in surface preparation and offers a synthetic approach with a complete line of Cleaners. Our Preparation range includes PRESOL solids, PRELIK liquids and pickling additives, such as PICKLANE.

PRESOL and PRELIK Lines are dedicated to cleaning using a simple dipping such as soak cleaning, electro cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning or spray cleaning. Depending upon applications and substrates, the platers will select the relevant cleaner. By using a separate wetting agent such as AB 47, the same cleaner may be used for different applications within the same plating line, according to an acceptable degree of foam.

All COVENTYA’s Preparation Processes are free of nonylphenol derivatives and are biodegradable. PICKLANE Line meets all requirements in terms of oxide removal and metal activation prior to metal plating.


During the last decade, COVENTYA substantially modified the PRESOL and PRELIK Lines and withdrew a large number of non-environment friendly components. Strong complexing agents, non-biodegradable wetters, and solvents have been replaced with greener technologies.

COVENTYA has unique advantages in cast and polish alloys and is advanced in the concept of hydrophobic-hydrophilic cleaning. All polish pastes and inorganic sediments can be easily removed and the efficiency of plating lines is drastically improved.


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