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OMEGA TH-7120 is a state of the art copolymer based formulation used as a continuous feed to Reverse Osmosis Membranes in order to prevent deposition and keep the membrane in peak operating condition.

As an antiscalant, the product is injected into the make-up water before it enters the RO membranes thus retarding the reaction between calcium magnesium and bicarbonate. This results in scale not forming as the water is being purified by the RO.

This RO pre-treatment provides other significant benefits, as it is primarily used to keep water hardness from precipitating during the reverse osmosis process. Besides, OMEGA TH-7120 prevents iron, silica, and manganese in make-up waters from fouling the RO membrane surface, that could make the process ineffective.
Can excessive dosing of this dispersant foul the membranes you might ask. Yes, excessive dosing of OMEGA TH-7120 can cause some fouling. But it can be easily cleaned by flushing the membranes with a resin cleaner (such as our OMEGA SP-8200). This is usually done during the resin regeneration cycle.

In order to assure the maximum efficiency of this all organic dispersant, the application guidelines must be carefully observed. A dosage of continuous feed of OMEGA TH-7120 will be determined via the total hardness of the make-up water source. It usually varies from 10 ppm to 30 ppm.
Once a baseline is established, operators can “fine-tune” the dosage at any time in order to maximize the use-cost based upon the duration of run cycles between regenerations.
Of course, whether it suggests the first installation or day to day maintenance, our customer service technicians will be at your disposal at any given time.

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