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In the latest twist of events around the request for authorization of chromic acid use for decorative chromium plating, EChA has asked the CTACSub consortium to provide a substitution plan for all applicators by August 24th of 2020. Based on the result EChA and the European Commission will decide if, and for how long an authorization will be granted.

This is yet another addition to the general uncertainty about the future of decorative hex chrome plating. Perhaps the curtain will fall for this technology sooner rather than later.

With the latest development of trivalent chrome based process technology – TRISTAR 330 AF– COVENTYA offers the best available alternative for decorative chrome plating for all end uses.

TRISTAR 330 AF offers excellent colour matching with deposits from conventional Cr(VI) electrolytes and provides designers opportunities for one-to-one replacements. Obtainable deposit thickness meets even stringent requirements of automotive OEMs and allows for high abrasion resistance.

In combination with the patented TRISTAR SHIELD passivating process, virtually all relevant corrosion test requirements for decorative chromium deposits can be met.

If you need more detail to make a decision

  • Efficiency provides 0.3 – 0.5 µm deposit thickness in 5 minutes.
  • Colorimetric scale L-Value of >82 similar to CrVI deposits.
  • Colorimetric negative b-Value (blue hue) across full current density range
  • Color values achieved also at thicknesses over and above 0.2 µm
  • NSS resistance up to 1000 h*
  • CASS resistance up to 96 hours on plastic substrates using suitable nickel under layer
  • Calcium chloride resistance (Russian mud) proven in accordance with VW PV 1073 A
  • PFOS/PFAS free!

When chromic acid based chrome plating is in the past then TRISTAR 330 AF is the future.

* On plastic substrates


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How can we help you?
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