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CHEMEON Surface technology and COVENTYA Group, have entered into a global distribution agreement regarding the CHEMEON portfolio of MIL-SPEC QPD/QPL hex-free/Trivalent Conversion Coating technology (TCP) that provides superior adhesion and corrosion protection for aluminum and alloys.


“Coventya supplies specialty chemicals for surface finishing in over 60 countries and CHEMEON welcomes the opportunity to have our unique products and customer solutions enhance their offerings,” said Madylon Meiling, Ph.D., CEO of CHEMEON


The global distribution relationship is exciting for COVENTYA and represents a future-focused perspective for non-hex chrome conversion coatings.


Lon Thrasher, COVENTYA Group Chief Operating Officer stated; “we are excited to be working with CHEMEON, a market leader with state of the art QPL listed trivalent conversion coating technology for Aluminum for providing our global teams not only the confidence of performance, but the backing of their support and expertise to help our customers realize the benefit especially for the new, and exciting eTCP® technology platform”


CHEMEON’s revolutionary eTCP® platform is QPL listed, and the first trivalent conversion coating system with a distinct color of the applied layer. This patented technology is far-reaching across many industries and applications. In addition to improved corrosion performance over earlier generation TCP products, eTCP provides a conversion layer with visual verification that parts are coated and protected. Visual verification has always been a challenge from past TCP offerings, which can appear untreated after application, and establishes the CHEMEON eTCP technology a leadership position in this field.


CHEMEON QPL 81706 listed TCP products, which include TCP-HF (Hexavalent Free) and CHEMEON eTCP, are designed to replace the known carcinogen hexavalent chrome and meet requirements for MIL DTL 5541 applications, immersion, spray, brush and touch up pen.


The two companies have already developed a strong working relationship with virtual training and product introduction, providing an in-depth working knowledge of CHEMEON technologies and technical support for the benefit of Coventya’s wide array of global customers.


About CHEMEON Surface Technology

CHEMEON Surface Technology is a global leader in advanced, environmentally responsible, surface engineering solutions including patented MIL-SPEC chemistry CHEMEON eTCP® (MIL-DTL-81706) conversion coating and anodic seal that provides a distinct color for visual verification that your parts are coated and protected. CHEMEON is licensed by the US Navy to manufacture and provide MIL-SPEC (MIL-DTL-81706 and MIL-DTL-5541) Trivalent Chromium Pre-Treatment including; CHEMEON TCP-HF (Hex Free), CHEMEON TCP-HF EPA (Extended Protection Additive), CHEMEON TCP-HF SP (Spray), and CHEMEON TCP-HF Touch Up Pen. CHEMEON’s licensed and patented chemistries include CHEMEON TCP-NP (No Prep)  and zero chrome CHEMEON 0CP- 6800. CHEMEON also provides a full line of anodizing pre and post-treatments, additives, dyes, custom R&D, consulting, and university level training.


About Coventya

COVENTYA is a privately held, international company that develops, manufactures and distributes specialty chemicals for the surface finishing industry in over 5 continents and 60 countries.  With a rich and diverse history that dates back to 1927, COVENTYA is considered a global market leader in both innovation and customer support.


Our customers include both captive surface treatment and job shop platers that capitalize on our innovative technology, responsive service and numerous OEM product approvals. With a full line of products that find use in many industries from automobiles and oil fields to computers and fashion it is clear that COVENTYA products touch lives each and every day. What makes COVENTYA stand out? The very nature of the electroplating industry requires a continuous blend of pure science and practical field experience. Our Research Chemists and Technical Engineers constantly communicate with our Customers to maximize the exchange of information. Wherever located, our teams enjoy sharing knowledge, a principle that is fundamental to our business model. Beyond the role of a specialty chemicals supplier, COVENTYA provides expertise in electroplating and water treatment with a 360° vision on the environment and the resources consumed. We constantly strive to enhance surface treatment with innovative, easy to use and environmentally friendly processes. We are a responsible supplier. As a steward of the environment our products are designed to be “green” and we support them with a full Watercare product line that ensures our customers can meet the same commitment.


For more information, please contact;

CHEMEON Surface Technology – 888-782-8324 –

COVENTYA, Inc. –  216-351-1500  –

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