It's a long term mind-set where we merge ecology and economy into one and operate within the limits of available resources.
All of our actions taken are measured for their effect on the environment and the wellbeing of future generations.

COVENTYA is driven by the desire to offer products that are truly eco-friendly, exceeding the environmental status of competing technologies and staying in front of imminent regulations.

The following mission statement helps to guide our strategy as we pursue the collective bottom line of





  • We have implemented a vast education program for a large number of employees on health, safety and sustainable practices in the workplace. It is our hope that the high level of transparency in our ECOLINE initiative will not only make it a natural part of our daily routine but that many will bring it home as well. Once the tangible results from this program confirm global applicability a worldwide roll-out is scheduled
  • We hold an annual Cov-ECO-Challenge where our different facilities propose and implement measurable sustainability projects. At the end of each year each project is graded on value to the triple bottom line and awards are given out to the winning country.
  • Full and easy access to all product safety and handling guidelines are regularly distributed to our customers and are available online for them as well as interested parties within the communities where we operate.
  • Ongoing education program for responsible use and proper disposal of our products.
  • Our WaterCare group provides free assistance in design and operation of waste management systems.
  • Environmental regulations pertaining to our industry are posted online and readily available for viewing
  • We have created a coded grading system found in our product literature to guide customers to responsible decisions.
How can we help you?
How can we help you?
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