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During a recent product performance review it became apparent that among the top winners in the group is FINIGARD 105 – which is amazing, considering the “mature” age of the product.


The development of quantities sold illustrate that it is very possible to have very long product lifecycles in our conservative industry. After 25 years still 10% growth globally. Chapeau!

Finigard 105 really is a key factor for the success of our Company, sold in all 16 COVENTYA countries, about 30 OEM approvals



In the 80’s first trials with silica that absorbs and holds water preventing dehydration even at 120°C have been carried out. FINIGARD 100 was born.

A couple of years later a customer asked for additional lubrication (µ 0.12-0.18). For this request FINIGARD 105 was developed by COVENTYA in 1994. Background was PSA Std C 21 33 50 for CoF and PSA B 15 41 01 of PSA and 47 01 003 / 01.70.002 from RSA: Improved corrosion in combination with thermal resistance and friction control. Since chromates generally don’t provide heat resistance, the timing was perfect to introduce FINIGARD 105. Early on COVENTYA took a leading position in the hybrid friction control combined with corrosion protection technology. When in the early 2000s hex-chrome was banned (ELV directive) COVENTYA was perfectly suited.


We expect the success-story of FINIGARD 105 to continue. Besides the thorough market penetration and brand awareness, the product performance of FINIGARD 105 until today is benchmark.

Generally speaking requirements for fasteners in the automotive and other industries increase continuously. The top-coat, particularly friction control, plays a key role in that perspective. Over the years COVENTYA has developed several more FINIGARD products to meet new and specific needs. Our latest release, FINIGARD 112 for example, although suited in another friction window, shows second to none consistent friction figures and other benefits like good thermal loosening or multiple tightening behavior.

The acquisition of microGLEIT with specialized dry films (DF) helps us to expand our pioneer role in the fastener arena also. For many new specifications we need tailored solutions, a FINIGARD-only coating does not necessarily work anymore for all applications. With microGLEIT we now also have appropriate solutions for different end-markets outside automotive like construction/ buildings as well as adjacent technologies like massive Aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, phosphated or zinc-flake coated fasteners.

Looking forward to the gold anniversary of FINIGARD 105 that may or may not exist by then, with all its successor products, it certainly will be something to remember.




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How can we help you?
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