Precious metallic plated parts add to the style and glamour of a handbag, piece of jewelry, watch or shoes. To achieve such effects, electroplating is the most popular method of metal finishing in the Fashion, Design and Luxury Industries.Our wide portfolio of colours will allow you to choose precisely from the whitest Silver to the darkest Ruthenium, shades of golden hues, bright or matte finishes, smooth or textured, techno or vintage effects. We care about resistance to time, wear, friction, contact to leather or humid temperatures while respecting your artistic vision.

We will assist you in obtaining the best harmony and color details among accessories, a precise metal finish on jewels with stones, the shape of different buckles in harmony with zippers, or your logo in association with the appropriate clasp and hinge metal finish.


COVENTYA works with highly branded Companies and Industry icons such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and Prada. We have assisted them in the search of the next effect, unique metallic hue, and sensation of cold metal (or finding the best resistance to sulfuric atmosphere present in some Asian countries). We are at the service of the designers and their expectations.

We have been creating many brand new patinas and successful alloy types such as PARADOR, EPIDOR, AURECO and AURANE Lines. Being such an emotional driven market, we are fully aware of the importance of the smaller details and chemical twist that make the difference.


Plating on plastics

Conventional pre-plating – SILKEN Line
Hexavalent chrome free-SILKEN BOND


Copper – CUBRAC 400 & 600 Lines
Copper – DIASTAR 100
Nickel – CRYSTAL
Chrome – TRISTAR Line
Chrome – Chrome 200 Line

Precious metals

Bronze – AURALLOY Line
Gold – PARADOR Line
Gold – EPIDOR Line
Gold – AURECO Line
Gold – AURIUM Line
Gold – AURANE Line
Silver – SILVIUM Line
Ruthenium – RUTHENIUM Line
Rhodium – RHODIUM Line
Palladium – DECOMET Line
Platinum – PLATINUM Line

How can we help you?
How can we help you?
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