Our world is highly dependent upon the use of petroleum-based products. From fuel to face creams, life as we know it may change dramatically when the supply of these carbon-based products are in any way restricted. Few people are aware of the role metal finishing plays in keeping this pipeline in proper working order.

Corrosive fluids, gases, and seawater wreak havoc upon piping, valves and other delivery components that are left unprotected. The use of sophisticated alloys such as Invar, Hastelloy or even Stainless Steel is cost prohibitive and also presents manufacturing challenges.

Electroplated and electroless coatings find wide use in this market segment. Electroless Nickel is used extensively in this industry and has delivered reliable field service since the late 1950’s. Nearly 15% of all Electroless Nickel in the world is used in some manner related to petroleum exploration, refinery and delivery to end-users.


COVENTYA recognizes the importance of this business in its global application portfolio. Through our presence in Europe, South America and the United States, we grew strongly through market diversification.

Brazil, China, Eastern Europe and emerging Southeast Asian countries offer great opportunities for continued expansion into this highly technical and critical market segment.


Under pressure of high oil prices and shrinking supply, Oil Companies have begun to explore areas once considered too harsh. These hostile environments require new coatings to withstand rigorous conditions. COVENTYA offers products such as ENOVA H15 and ENOVA 949 to meet these harsh conditions. Both Electroless Nickel processes produce a Nickel film alloyed with over 10% phosphorus that yields a deposit that is pore free and impervious to attack.

New and novel composite coatings are finding use and the future will likely see nanoparticle-based films to further enhance performance. ENOVA KR is a unique coating that incorporates boron nitride particles into the nickel phosphorus matrix. These particles enhance wear resistance and increase lubricity, and boron nitride is an excellent dry film lubricant. Finally, ENOVA 110, a PTFE composite, is a deposit that provides excellent lubricity and mold release properties.

Emerging technologies such as wind and solar-based energy as well as other alternate fuels already generate growth opportunities for an innovation based Company like COVENTYA.



Electroless Nickel – ENOVA Line
Enova High Phos Systems – ENOVA H 15 & ENOVA 949/950
Enova Mid Phos Systems – ENOVA EF 587 & ENOVA EF 509
ENOVA Low Phos Systems – ENOVA EF 163 &ENOVA EF 243
Special composite Systems – ENOVA KR (hBN) & ENOVA 110 (PTFE)


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How can we help you?
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