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COVENTYA is delighted to announce the International Product Launch of FINIGARD 112. Together with our lubrication experts from microGLEIT we created a new blend of constituents for FINIGARD 112. It’s setting a new benchmark for corrosion protective and friction modified top-coats for Zinc-Nickel coatings.

FINIGARD 112 scores in terms of multiple tightening, thermal loosening, application (single dip) and different counter materials.

Requirements for multiple tightening and various counter materials are becoming more and more popular. The new Daimler fastener spec, which will become effective in 2019, MBN 10544, for example, calls for 5 x tightening cycles against e-coat, aluminum and steel. The challenge is to be in the range for e-coat and Al at the same time, e-coat being relatively lubricious, Al being the opposite.

When choosing FINIGARD 112, the applicators get to meet multiple tightening specifications in the µ 0.12 friction range needed, such as MBN10544 (Daimler), STD4419 (Scania), VW01131 (VW) and ISO 16047, with only one product!

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