Deoxidizing and desmutting Additive for Aluminum

This is an iron based deoxidizer system designed for aluminum and alloys. It is effective to prepare/neutralize their surfaces prior to passivation, painting, or anodizing processing. The process is designed to be mixed with sulfuric acid so low concentrations can be used to effectively remove smuts and oxides from surfaces.  It offers versatility and can be used also with nitric acid based desmutting processes.

Features & Benefits  

  • Concentrated liquid formulation – use with your own Sulfuric Acid
  • Does not etch or attack aluminum surfaces
  • Removes black metal oxide layer that occurs after alkali etching process and neutralizing
  • Very effective for 2000 series alloys or those with high copper.
  • Contains no chromates, fluorides, nitrates, or EDTA

This process belongs toALUMAL DEOX series

Aluminum has a natural protective oxide surface film and affinity for oxygen, in order to improve the appearance of an aluminum part or component through conversion coating, painting, anodizing or plating processes, requires some additional surface treatment processing to remove the natural oxide layer.

Once aluminum and alloys are exposed to etching solutions, the oxides are often removed but then depending on the alloy of aluminum, there are surface adherent non-reactive reaction products referred to as “smuts” on their surfaces. Desmut formulations are required to remove these from the surfaces of aluminum parts or components.  The types of smuts present are related to the alloy of aluminum. For example, 200 series wrought aluminum have resulting copper smuts that are effectively removed by iron based desmut formulations. Alloys containing silicon or magnesium smuts are thoroughly desmutted with blends of acids including fluorides, nitrates & sulphates. All surface smuts must be removed for success with applications of conversion coatings, painting, anodizing or plating aluminum and alloys.

Choices for Anodizing applications include ALUMAL DEOX 411, 436 or 444.
For chemical conversion coating prior to painting, review ALUMAL DEOX 411, 425, 445, or 427.

Coventya offers many additional types of ALUMAL products to effectively deoxidize and desmut all types of cast and wrought alloys of Aluminum.  This is just a partial list of what is available; contact your local COVENTYA representative for review of other available technologies.

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