Reduced Ionic Strength High Phosphorus Electroless Nickel Process

ENOVA RI 8111 is a high phosphorus alloy system representing an advanced generation of Electroless Nickel development incorporating innovative “additive” chemistry into a low nickel, low ionic strength formulation. The novel electroless nickel process is designed to deliver the ultimate in low defect, compressive stress and high corrosion resistant deposits at a consistent rate of deposition. Long solution life and excellent solution stability makes the ENOVA 8111 a reliable and cost effective process.

ENOVA RI 8111 can be applied to all types of ferrous, and non-ferrous substrates including brass, copper and aluminum.

Beyond the process and deposit benefits, what stands out with the ENOVA 8111 process is that it operates at 1/2 the nickel concentration. This is key to producing the low defect films. Related to this, low nickel operation is an important feature in a world where sustainability and eco conscious operation will define our next generation. Reducing nickel metal to 3 g/l cuts air emissions in half, simplifies treatment of spent baths, reduces waste water discharge and greatly improves the workplace environment. ENOVA RI 8111 is the future of electroless nickel plating.


Features & Benefits

  • Bright, ductile, uniform deposit
  • Low deposit porosity
  • High corrosion resistance
  • Low internal stress deposits
  • Reduced staining tendency
  • Consistent deposit brightness over solution life
  • Lower operating costs compared to conventional EN systems
  • Exceeds demands for environmental regulations
  • Rack or barrel processing capability

Fields of application

  • Electronics
  • Aerospace Industry
  • Military Industry
  • Automotive Industry
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