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The COVENTYA R&D team has developed a fully REACH compliant innovative chrome-free pre-treatment for Plating on Plastics.

SILKEN BOND process can be used for many decorative applications such as automotive, sanitary fittings, packaging and also for functional applications like engineering plastics.

These last 4 years we successfully performed Beta Tests in Europe.

SILKEN BOND process is now a proved innovative technology and shows:

  • Excellent adhesion (fulfil OEM standards)
  • Extended etching bath lifetime
  • Wide working window
  • Stability and consistency
  • No rack metallization
  • Selectivity on 2K parts

SILKEN BOND is really state-of-the-art and can be integrated easily in existing POP lines which is a major advantage for our customers. Only minor adaptations are required to assure reliable operations

Today, we are proud to announce that three POP plating lines are running in industrial production on a day-to-day scale in Europe. As far as the polymer basis is concerned, not only on ABS and ABS/PC but also Engineering Plastics like PEEK and PEI can be processed consistently with fully compliant results

Hexavalent chrome is now behind us and the future for Plating on Plastic is SILKEN BOND.

How can we help you?
How can we help you?
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